Thermal Insulation for Industrial Furnaces

Save fuel. Reduce operating cost.

About the company

Lubisol Ltd. is highly specialized in the production of refractory materials for thermal insulation of industrial furnaces.

All materials, offered by the company, are formulated as a result of own research and development during the last 30 years.

Lubisol insulation application
Lubisol - Worldwide insulation application distribution

Successful worldwide application

The Lubisol materials have been successfully applied so far on more than 150 industrial furnaces in more than 40 countries over the world.

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Reduce your operating cost

* The amount of saved fuel, depending on your installation conditions and specifics, can be about 1400 m3 / m2 / year heavy oil.

The payback is expected in about 4 months.

Lubisol will provide in every single case detailed calculations about temperature distribution, heat loss reduction and the amount of saved energy and fuel.

   * Estimated averages. Can vary, based on different conditions.

Save oil with efficient furnace insulation
Lubisol 2-SL (Super Light) insulation specifications

Highly efficient refractory products

The main product offered by the company is the refractory material for high temperature insulation Lubisol 2-SL (Super Light). It has a low specific density of 0.3 kg/dm3, a very high working temperature of 1600 °C and very low thermal conductivity: 0.05 W/m.K at 20 °C.

Hot and cold insulation applications are both possible, while the furnace is in operation or during repair and maintenance.

Maximum efficiency

The goal of the company is to offer a highly efficient thermal insulation, suitable for application on various industrial furnaces, kilns and heating appliances, helping various industrial branches to save energy and fuel.

This material is offered at a competitive price, making possible the application of thermal insulation with maximum efficiency.

Lubisol insulation material, compared with Zircon patch

Other products, offered by the company, are the Lubisol Si-Seal kit, used for hermetic sealing of glass furnace silica crowns, and Lubisol #3 Covering Cement.

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Discover Lubisol Insulation Technology

Crown Insulation

The traditional insulating silica bricks are usually applied in a thickness of 2-3 layers over the crown. Applying more layers does not increase the thermal efficiency because of the rising thermal conductivity of the insulation with almost no pay-back.

Lubisol Ltd is offering a much better solution with a more efficient package of monolithic crown insulation. The main advantage is the very low specific weight and high efficiency of the insulation, due to the very low thermal conductivity factor.

Crown Insulation diagram

Hot Repair

As a result of continuous Research & Development on the mechanism of rat holing, Lubisol Ltd. has developed a new method for hot repair of silica crowns.

It was based on the principle, that rat holing can be avoided by a hermetic sealing of the silica crown, preventing the movement and passing of hot flue gases and the condensation of fluxing materials in the loose joints.

Hot Repair diagram

Lubisol Refractory Products

Lubisol 2-SL (Super Light)

The main advantage is the very low specific weight and high efficiency of the insulation, due to the very low thermal conductivity factor.

Lubisol 2-SL is very suitable for high temperature thermal insulation of glass furnace crowns and any other type of industrial furnaces, kilns and heating appliances.

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Lubisol Si-Seal Repair Kit

Lubisol Si-Seal is a monolithic silica Repair Kit used for hermetic sealing and hot repair of glass furnace silica crowns.

Lubisol Si-Seal is applied as a protection hermetic sealing layer and is very suitable for hot application in the form of plastic balls to fill up the Rat-holes during a hot repair or the expansion joints of a silica crown after heat-up.

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Save Fuel

Lubisol - Save fuel

The amount of saved fuel is about 1400 m3 / m2 / year heavy oil *

Save Money

Lubisol - Save money

Estimated fuel savings up to EUR 400 / m2 / year *

Save Nature

Lubisol - Save nature

Burning less fuel reduces carbon dioxide CO2 emissions.

  * Estimated averages. Can vary based on different conditions.



Lubisol is offering a premium quality thermal insulation for various types of industrial furnaces, that is highly efficient and is helping your business to save fuel.

The company is also specialized in hot repair of rat holes, with no production interruptions.

This material is a proven technology with a worldwide acceptance and is offered at a competitive price for maximum effect.


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